the psychology of dreams....the mystery of being    a Jungian perspective....with Joseph Campbell
the spiritual path is a psychological journey
The Psychology of Dreams
think spiritually
the inner search for meaning, reason & expression....exploring the psyche, the depths of the soul

Principles I Live By
Below are principles and concepts I live by that may help visitors
better understand how I approach dreams as well as life in general.
I will provide additional info in coming days

    The Interpretation of Dreams
  • Jung got it right-his principles for interpreting dreams are verifiable concepts
  • dreams are about the emotions
  • dream images are primarily symbolic and metaphorical

  • age of the dreamer is a determiner in addressing 'literal' applications
  • numbers as well as a stated 'age' can be important in dreams

  • in the first phase of the dream {the exposition}, any reference to early age is that is given {childhood years in particular} usually speak to that period in time in the dreamer's life, especially when the person is unknown to the dreamer
  • Jung's concept of the structure of dreams is plausible if not correct
  • dreams often reveal specific personality traits
  • archetypes, as Jung has proposed, have an autonomous existence and are at the root of our psyches, in their original and primitive states

Evolution & Nature, Social Duty
  • Darwin's concept of evolution fits with reality
  • the earth is a self sustaining organism
  • global changes are real..major transformations of the planet are in progress
  • earth, absent man, would be a 'paradise'
  • unless science finds ways to overcome man's injury to the planet, it is too late to remedy the wrongs we have done
  • America is a narcissist nation
  • the dragons of myth are metaphors for the dragons we slay in our daily lives
  • the number 9 is a mystical number that has relevance to everyday life

  • I lean toward the belief in the gaia principle of a sacred balance, a collection of self-regulating systems
  • absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
  • an empirical approach to causality {cause & effect}, inferring causation stems from sensory information, prior experience
    and innate knowledge
  • all things are related....genetic history defines our origins

  • Jerry Gifford with Sweets
    {she is 11 yrs old}
    Who Is Jerry?
  • I am a 'young' 61 years old
  • Live with 4 cats and
       1 dog
  • Self employed {since 1978}
  • Physical fitness a part of    lifestyle since 1979
  • A veteran 1969-71
       National Guard 1978-79
  • Have studied Jungian psyche since 1993
  • Web Master
    Since 1998
  • Birth place is Nashville, Tn., currently live in Murfreesboro, Tn.
  • Worked as health codes inspector 1971-1983
  • Have one son age 39 who lives in Orlando, Fl
  • 4 grandchildren ranging from ages 4 to 17
  • Plan to take early retirement in 2012
  • Plan to relocate to middle Florida, Atlantic coast area sometime late 2012
  • Then full time working with dreams and exploring the deep psyche
  • My dream work & web design, following my BLISS
    • God, Religion and Spirituality
    • spiritual experience is essential to wholeness
    • nature is not separate from man or God
    • there is an inherent mechanism within nature that governs all actions of good and evil

    • what goes around comes around
    • the feminine principle is equal if not superior to the masculine

    • the Gnostic Jesus as feminine, patriarchal God as masculine
    • true spirituality does not possess a religion
    • the bible states that man can not know God except through Jesus

    •     I take that to mean one must realize the feminine aspect
          to know the true masculine

      Psychology, Psyche & Soul
    • life is a psychological journey. All physical experiences become psychological
    • the soul is 'numinous' energy, existing within a physical form
    • the intuitive mind is inherent....and neglected
    •     we have lost touch with so many inherent aspects
          of the natural psyche
    • psychology is the exploration of the mind
    •     psyche is the exporation of the soul
    • from my own experiences I do see that going inward is a major step toward Individuation

      Truths I Live By
    • Do all you can do and don't worry about the rest
    • What goes around comes around
    • Actions speak louder than words, deeds are more important than faith
    •     As Joseph Campbell stated, "I don't need faith, I have experience"
    • I've been on both sides of hurt and don't care for either one
    • Life is a psychological journey
    • When in doubt' don't! Use the intuitive mind and you will never go wrong
    • an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Some of my life 'defining' experiences

  • I grew up with 3 sisters and my mother, poor and introverted, my father having abandoned us when I was six years old

  •     I spent the first 30 years+ of my life trying to reconcile that abandonment
  • I am by nature an extrovert. It was not until I was in my early 20s I fully came out of my shell {having lived the first 16 years of my life in a complete introverted state}
  • I have been married three times, to three wonderful women

  •     I have been single since my last divorce in 1993, reconciling why I could not stay married
  • My experiences working with the public have been invaluable {I worked in public health codes enforcement for 12 years}

  •     experiences in life support my intuitive mind, and vice versa
  • I have been a self employed contractor for most of the past 33 years

  •     having studied Jungian psyche for the last 18 years
  • I have tested 'just above average' by IQ

  •     I side with the argument that IQ testing is unnecessarily narrow and there should be wider testing that covers emotional/social intelligence, creativity, artistic intelligence, as well as common sense and personal life experiences
  • Physical fitness has been a continuous part of my lifestyle since 1979

  •     Can there be 'true wholeness' if neglect of the physical body presents a psychological conflict?
  • I consider myself an 'intuitive Jungian', with an inherent ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason

  •      This fits me perfectly: Jung thought that extraverted intuitive types were often undone by a desire to escape every situation before it becomes settled and constraining - even repeatedly leaving
        lovers for the sake of new romantic possibilities
  • I am self educated not only in Jungian psyche but also in web design {Myths-Dreams-Symbols}

  •     I have more than 600 pages within the MDS website
  • Myths-Dreams-Symbols is an expression of my other self, my true self

  •     I can not be that 'true self' until I am able to put all my energies to my dream work and exploration of the deeper psyche.
        My goal/plans are to reach that plateau when I take early retirement in 2012