Jung's Model of the Psyche
The Different Aspects Of Who You Are

When I think of "myself," I am thinking of the part of me which I am conscious of. That is my ego (Latin for "I"). But there is more to me than that ...

There is also my persona (Greek for "mask") which hides my ego from the outer world. I actively maintain that mask, according to the conventions of family, society, profession, etc.

There is also my personal unconscious, which contains forgotten or never-conscious experiences of various kinds, but which is uniquely my own. And then, there is the collective unconscious which connects me with the whole human experience.

Within this unconscious realm there are several different "structures." Though the Self is the whole person, conscious and unconscious together, it also acts as center, seeking to organize the whole.

Each of us has both masculine and feminine elements in the psyche. Though the appropriate one becomes incorporated into the conscious ego, the other expresses itself as an unconscious focus of creative energy, serving the balance of ego and Self. Jung gave the name anima to the feminine center of a man, and animus to the masculine center of a woman.

But there is also my Shadow. In a sense, the Shadow is all of that which is "dark" (unconscious) to me; but in a more special sense, it can be an activated center ("complex") energized by repressed feelings, anger, old hurts, etc. If not recognized as such (made conscious), its energy can be projected onto others. Then the faults I see in other people are really the mirror image of my own. My first task of individuation is to "own my own shadow."

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