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In 1999 I created my first website
Myths-Dreams-Symbols. That website now contains 500+ pages of content related to Jungian psychology. It has also become the catalyst for promoting my other websites in search rankings. Along with my Gifford Fence website I am able to promote other sites to high rankings.
This is the second of my websites that has provided me with a powerful tool in web promotion. Before my retirement I was a fence contractor and when I left Middle Tennessee this website was at the top of the rankings for most all categories in fencing. Our sales increased tremendously because of our internet rankings.
This is the website you are currently visiting. If you will do a quick Google search you will notice it is ranked on the first page under the categories of 'Dream Interpretation' and 'metaphysics' in Melbourne Fl and on the second page under 'dreams. Also notice the listing of my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website under dream interpretation. Bing rankings are even higher.
This is one of my recent websites, created for a local fence company Using the power of linking from the two websites listed above I have been able to promote this site to the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings. The importance of being on the first pages is invaluable.
This is a website I created along with Melbourne Dreams & Metaphysics in anticipation of my move to the Space Coast. And as with my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website The Power of Dreams is dedicated to dreams and dream psyche. And like Melbourne Dreams & Metaphysics I have it high in rankings under 'Melbourne Fl. Dream Interpretation' {second page of Google}.
This is a simple website I created for my grandson who has started his own fence staining business. A simple website that takes very little time to build at a affordable price. I can build a site like this for about $150.00. Add about $60.00 for your domain name and hosting and you are on the WWW. And there are no hidden costs to surprise you.
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I have a limited number of available promotions using my linking power. Being on the first two pages is essential if you want to get the calls needed for success. Using professional services can cost between $1000 to $3000 per month. I can do it for much less. I can get you there or you owe me nothing. Contact me for more information about these positions
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