Man and His Symbols
by Carl Jung

Carl Jung's thinking has colored the world of modern psychology more than many of those with casual knowledge realize. A one time student and protege of Sigmund Freud, the familiar terms "extrovert", "introvert", and "archetype" are all Jungian concepts . . . borrowed and sometimes misused by others. His overwhelming contribution to psychological understanding largely due to his concept of the unconscious . . and that it is just as much a vital and real part of the life of an individual as the conscious .

An examination of Man and his Symbols is in effect an examination of man's relation to this own unconscious. And since Jung's view of the unconscious is of the great guide, friend, and adviser of the conscious, this audio book is related in the most direct terms to the study of human beings and their spiritual problems.

Carl Jung was one of the foremost authorities on the subject of dream -- their interpretation, meaning, and symbolism. He was primarily an academic and most of the books he wrote were meant for the academic community -- it was never his intent to write for the public.

That all changed with the publication of "Man and His Symbols".

"Man and His Symbols" is divided into four parts, each dealing with a different aspect of individuation--specifically the integration of the four major archetypes: the shadow, the anima, the animus, and the Self.

If there is a search for 'knowledge' that will help build a solid foundation for helping the individual solve the meaning of their dreams, explain the emotional aspects of the psyche, and assisting with personal growth, you have come to the right place.

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