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Please contribute $1 {or more if you can} to Jerry's Adopted Felines In Need of Assistance
With limited resources I have a hard time keeping this family healthy and fed. All have been neutered except for Mr. White {free neutering by a local shelter} but the cost of food, shots, and especially flea and tick treatments are very taxing for me. If you can spare a little change I and my family of felines would be most appreciative. As would Momma Dog who eats more than all the cats combined. But she is special too

Mr. White
Mr White is the outcast. A male, he has yet to be neutered and all the other felines treat him with much disdain. Slowly he is becoming accepted as one of the gang. I do need to neuter him since he does like to roam and stay away for a couple of days at a time.

Jack Black
Jack is a big cat. Fat and always hungry. He is the boss. He is becoming a good buddy and likes to be 'close up' to me whenever possible.

Little Momma
Little Momma got her name from having so many kittens. Originally a neighbor's cat I took her in because she wasn't being taken care of. A very intelligent cat and always a great mom.

Sweets is my first cat and I have had her since 2000. She is very petite and shy. She is my sweet girl and was given to me as a kitten {my ex-wife Susie who is deceased}. Sweets is an outdoor cat even in the hot summer days. She is the perfect cat, never fincky about eating and always meeting me when I return from an errand or trip.

Mr. Tige
Mr. Tig just showed up on my porch one day and has been with me for about 3 years now. He is people friendly, one of the few who will cosy up to a stranger
Foot note: Tige disappeared about a month ago. A very friendly cat to anyone I am hoping he has found a new home.

Little Man
This is Little Momma's last kitten. Or should I say big cat. He was wild and still needs coxing at times. He and Jack Black are pals
Foot note: Little Man was hit by a car and is deceased. He hadn't come home to eat for a couple of days as he usually does after 'roaming' and I was afraid this had happened. I believe Jack misses him. Although he was a recent addition to the family he was a gentle soul.

Missy was taken in after being abandoned by her owner at a veterinarian. I have had her since 2002. She almost died earlier this year due to a blockage of the bile, She is doing just great now
Foot note: Missy Has been diagnosed with terminal cancer {tongue}. Although she has difficulty eating I am hand feeding her and will do so as long as I can. She doesn't seem to have any pain. Her last days will be as good as I can give.
Missy Passed away on Wednesday, August 25, 2010. I will dearly miss my Little Girl..

Silver is the old lady, around 18 years old. She was originally my ex-wife's cat {until her passing in 2003}. Then she went to my ex-mother-in-law until her passing in 2007. Small and petite silver has always been the 'strange' one. No one messes with her. Not even Jack
Miss Silver Passed away on Friday, June 25, 2010 from cancer.
Foot note: Over the past month before her death Miss Silver had become very friendly with Jack Black, the first time ever she had associated with another cat.

This Siamese 'looking' cat is one of Little Momma's offspring. Like Little Momma and Little Man he was left with me by a neighbor. He is very gentle and make s great indoor cat. Very smart but getting a bit spoiled. Wonder why?

Momma Dog
Momma Dog was around when I moved to the rural area in Murfreesboro 5 years ago, I and my neighbor {Momma Cat's original owner} took her in but now I have the responsibility for her upkeep. An outside dog she is friendly but a great watchdog. She has had several liters of pups which I adopted out, all of them, instead of sending to the pound {where they would undoubtedly had been euthanized}

A Little Kitty Humor
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