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A desire to define my own spirituality was the catalyst to a deeper exploration of life. I had spent many years in search of spirituality seeking to understand through reading reaching out to the thoughts and ideas of those minds I felt an intuitive connection. Combined with this I felt my dreams were a key to unlocking some unknown gate to deeper understanding. This inner call ultimately led to the Myths-Dreams-Symbols web site and the Dream Forum in search of how to interpret dreams and a dream dictionary. Within a few visits to the site I knew MDS offered the positive insight and instruction I was searching for. And a crucial key to unlocking the messages bound within my dreams.

The Dream Forum is a place of learning and support for all who seek to know and develop their inner Self through the unconscious messages of dreams. Self work can be difficult and time intensive because there is much to learn and hard truths to acknowledge. While I yet have a great deal to learn and those truths to discover I find my intuitive sense, which is still developing, lends to dream interpretation. I believe what we do at the Dream Forum is support, encourage and assist each other as we travel our chosen path. By learning with and from each other we effectively increase the positive aspects of our collective and individual lives.

Even though I had read some of Jung’s work I did not fully comprehend it. The Myths-Dreams-Symbols site brought much needed clarity to Jung’s work. For me Jung’s process of Individuation is a holistic method, all encompassing of aspects the inner Self requires for balance. Many other methodologies discount the metaphysical favoring a single psycho logic characteristic or limited combination there of. Jung’s Individuated Self is a symphony of the many aspects in harmony: science, spirituality, synchronicity, astrology, mythology, dreams, art; all coalesce to bring the unknown into consciousness in a positive and life renewing of the Self. While Jung moves psychology from a strictly scientific function Joseph Campbell brings Jung’s work to the conscious in a clear and motivating manner for the average person. By providing the road map for initiates and travelers of the Journey Campbell clearly puts the path, to living the authentic life and Bliss, in perspective and reach.

I live in a small, rural Ohio town within close distance to Deer Creek, a favorite state park. I love to hike and explore the acres of forest and creek. Being in the moment with Nature is a most peaceful feeling. I worked eight years in sales for a media packaging company. I left that to work from home at a small business but found that to be just another job. I now work at the local level for the American Red Cross. I began eight months past in Community Education instructing courses and presenting information to the community. In July 2006 I will transition to directing our overall operations in the county. I love the work and being part time will allow more time for Self work, the Dream Forum and Bliss.

I have one child, a beautiful Sagittarian daughter of nineteen, with which we enjoy a loving and close relationship. She’s a sensitive and intuitive so I work with her to develop these aspects in a positive manner rather than suppress them. True to the Sagittarian nature she is an idealist and adventurer who loves travel. I encourage her to listen to her intuition and follow her heart, her Bliss, to wherever it leads. She recently left home to venture upon her life’s Journey although we see each other often.

My two house mates and best friends are of the canine genus - Moon and Hanna. Being an introvert I admittedly spend much of my personal time in seclusion in Self work and Bliss for it serves these aspects well. I find mid life a personally fulfilling stage of life. I enjoy this time alone with no parental or relationship demands to devote to my interests. To date my Bliss stations are learning, music, and nature photography - this combines two soul satisfying spheres – Nature and visual art. My horoscope indicates early and late life is where my life is most fulfilling. Of this I have no doubt!

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