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Jerry is the webmaster and host of Myths-Dreams-Symbols-
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I am currently living with my sophisticated feminine felines in Palm Bay, Florida having taken early retirement. All that needed to happen for a successful transition from my contracting business in Middle Tennessee to my retirement and relocating to my new location did happen. There were many factors to consider, many things that had to happen. It all went about very smoothly. I can't say I wasn't a little concerned but because I do follow a path I know to be trusted I had no real reservations. In the end it all fell into place and continues to do so at every turn. I have only been in the Space Coast area for three months {as of 1-15-13} and already I have three scheduled dream workshops/classes. Better yet I am getting to enjoy my life on a scale I've never experienced. I am truly living my Bliss.
General Information About Jerry {Gerard}
I am a student of the psyche. And anything that lends itself, physical or/and metaphyiscal, to the understanding of the Greater Self, which I believe is vital to real personal growth.... {know thyself, the inner search is psychological}
Exploring dreams, the Jungian concept, has become part of my 'bliss', the intuitive connection with the universal mind/psyche {what others call God}, which leads me in my quest for spiritual enlightenment. By having discovered the many universal truths {counter to my Chrustian roots}, my spiritually/my philosophy has evolved to a synthesis of many concepts, in particular those spiritual beliefs that connect to the earth and environment {i.e, Native American spirtituality}. Buddhism and Gnosticism have been a great influence also, the first for the wisdom and discipline, and the later because it reconciles the Jesus I know....WWJD/WWBD

I am devoted to the philosophies of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, and all that encompasses. While devoted it is not blinding. My website Myths-Dreams-Symbols is a reflection of my interest. It is also an outlet for my creative Self. As WebMaster I am able to create, and express, and hopefully convey what I have discovered from my psyche studies to others in a positive way that is helpful. I have found that understanding dreams is a great tool in the search for Self/self. There are many paths to discovery but Jung's approach addresses so many aspects of the path. Exploring the psyche through dream, myth, symbol and metaphor. As with Star War's influence on a generation, there is that natural connection to the psyche. It is an intuitive thing, perhaps going a bit beyond the norm. I am no longer belong with the norm, that person has grown, and evolved.

I am not focused merely on the clinical Jung, the academics at this stage of life are not my interest. I intuitively connect with Jung's philosophies, I have an understanding of the metaphors, the patterns. It is the metaphysical aspect that Jung, and Campbell, expounded that really holds my interest. That goes to the spiritual, beyond the simple religion and dogma And a psychologically of the person underneath the mask, and the causations to why one is who they are. At mid-life { I'll soon be 56} there is, or should an evolution, a death and resurrection, from one phase in life to another. When one understands the metaphors, the individual life and that of Jesus on the cross, are very similiar. One discovers a greater knowledge, the inner knowledge. The journey takes on meaning.

I am a native, but not typical, Nashvillian now living in Murfreesboro, a bedroom community. Actually, outside the boro, in the country, away from the crowds. I am a self employed contractor {27 years}, having worked in environmental health {local government} thru the 70's and early 80's. I am a liberal minded 'individual' who holds many conservative values but none of the conservative bias. Good psycholgical and spiritual health {dreamwork is theraphy} and physical health. Jung preaches balance, in all aspects of life. With good health habits physical life need not be one of disabilities and prescriptions.

I have one grown son and 4 beautiful grandchildren, ages 4 days old to 11 years {as of Jan 1, 2006}. All are healthy and prosperous. This is a cause for great celebration, everyday of my life. The past 13 years I have focused on personal growth and discovery. I have goals I have yet to achieve my greatest goal, the ability to put all my energies my creative Self . But that is my focus. Myth, dreams and metaphor are my guides, I am conscious of my path. There are still dragons, but life would not be life without the opposites.

I am by all means an extravert but as I grow older I find myself most happy living a more introverted life. I prefer to be in the company of children and animals. No conflicts. Having evolved in so many ways opposite from what I was when I was a young man, I now can honestly reflect on the past and have a better realization of the future. Reflection and course corrections, at mid-life.

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