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Dream Forum Guidelines

Notice: By Posting A Message at the Dream Forum You Agree to the Following Terms

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These are general guidelines for posting dreams at the Dream Forum. It is only required that you provide your **age, gender and location. Other information requested will help provide insights to possibilities of the dream message. First names only if you wish to give one. If you have previously posted a dream that post{s} may help in determining the message of other dreams. Dreams often come in series with each dream often revealing more than the previous dream.

**Why do I need to provide age, gender and location?
The age of the dream will help me determine whether to look for general personal associations as with a younger person's dreams or more symbolic references as with an older person's dreams. Because our dreams are about our emotions those emotional experiences that are in conflict are what the dream wishes to help the dreamer resolve. An older person has accumulated a lot of emotional 'baggage' whereas a younger person is still in the process of accumulating such 'baggage'. This comes through in our dreams.

The gender of the dreamer is important in determining how a gender character {male/female} is to be interpreted in the dream. A man in a woman's dream usually represents her masculine aspect{s} or the animus whereas a woman in a man's dream would usually represent his feminine aspect{s} or his anima. This applies especially if the male or female characters are unknown or unnamed.

Location helps me identify any culture influences that may affect the dream message. For instance, in the Western world a snake is often thought of as a evil whereas in the East it is often representative as a positive or a deity. It may have some bearing on how a dream symbol should be interpreted.

Posting a dream. Post the dream just as you remember it and as it plays out. It is best not to add any comments that were not a part of the dream. That can be done later. Write down the dream just as it happened. Be precise as possible with the exact actions/experiences in the dream. Each dream symbol has a meaning and if not properly conveyed can alter the interpretation.

Use proper sentence and paragraph structure if possible. A posted dream that is written without paragraph breaks can be confusing. Just as with any prose the developing story line should be written to highlight the thoughts and actions. Running paragraphs together can diminish the affect of a properly written story. Every dream is a 'part' of the story of the dreamer's life. If you have problems with proper structure do the best you can.

Comments/Associations about the dream. If there are any personal associations about the dream you 'feel' important provide that information. If there are stressful or emotional events or recent experiences taking place in your life you feel may apply to the dream provide whatever information you feel comfortable with. Dreams are therapeutic in they attempt to help resolve emotional conflicts in the dreamer's life. Your dreams are about you and reflect present and past waking life experiences. A good and proper interpretation will 'fit' with your life unless there are deep emotional issues within the unconscious that may have been repressed or forgotten. Interpreting several dreams will eventually bring these issues to surface and your conscious attention. This is a primary function of the dream, its therapeutic value in helping resolve emotional conflicts, whether they are superficial or traumatic. If it is a part of a dream then there is enough 'emotions' involved with the experience to create a conflict. A bad day on the job as well as those deeper issues that may involve negative physical or psychological experiences.

Feelings About the Dream/Waking Feelings or Impressions. If you have 'immediate' feelings or impressions about the dream or parts of a dream when you first awake you can post those at the end of the dream. Waking feelings/impressions are important. If there are foreboding or negative feelings, or positive emotions from the dream that can say a lot about what the dream message is. If you develop an impression or feelings about the dream post those separate from the dream since they were not an original part of the dream.

Understanding the Interpretation. A good interpretation will usually 'hit accord' when read. You will most likely recognize aspects that 'fit' with your life. Sometimes an interpretation will hit home squarely and you may have an 'ah! ha! moment. More often it takes some thought. Some aspects of the interpretation may fit while you may feel unsure about other aspects. Dream interpretation is an art as well as a science. The science is provided by Carl Jung, his experience with working with more than 80,000 dreams and analyzing patients as a patients, being accepted theory, established and recognized as correct. The art is the intuitive abilities of the interpreter to read the dream. My personal abilities in interpreting dreams have evolved over a long period of time {working with dreams since 1998} in which my natural intuitive 'instincts' have developed and been enhanced. Although my educational background is not in psychology I consider myself an 'intuitive' Jungian where there is a natural recognition of the psyche processes. Through my own 'Process of Individuation' I am fortunate to have an ability to understand the dream.

Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor. The real art is in interpreting the symbols and understanding the application of the metaphors to the dreamer. But even the best of interpreters of dreams are 'reading' on the periphery of the dream and can not 'know' the exact representation of every symbol. Every person is different and the same symbol in one person's dream may have a different meaning in another person's dream. Few symbols have a 'fixed' meaning. There are some that do, to a great extent, as in the image of a house which most always symbolizes the dreamer; the house is the dreamer {the house being a metaphor of the dreamer}. A car is also a constant metaphorical symbol for the dreamer. A dream involving a mother's house is usually saying something about the relationships between the dreamer and the mother {your dreams are about you and the mother is a part of your life}.

The success of my interpretations have improved over the years and I feel I have enough experience and insights to the dream world that make me a skill interpreter of dreams. I do not claim these abilities just out of the blue but primarily from the responses by those who have posted their dreams, received an interpretation and have followed up with responses/posts to the interpretation. The MDS Dream Forum is a 'record of my interpretations' and one only need to read the posted dreams to determine if my claims are correct. And although it is I who provides the interpretations, I am merely a conduit of Jung's insights, theories and philosophies of the dream and deep unconscious psyche. The intent is not ego oriented on my part but a tool that is an expression of my creative 'bliss', and instrument of my spiritual Self in helping others understand their dreams which in turn an understanding of themself, their true emotions, those underlying emotional foundations that help define who they are in resolving any and all emotional conflicts they have experienced in a lifetime.

Follow up Response to the Interpretation. Providing a follow up response to my interpretation is imperative. It allows us to understand whether the interpretation is proper. There may be parts that fit and are understood. There may be other parts that are not understood or may not fit {I can say with confidence most interpretations fit, if not directly then in an indirect way, indirectly in that it fits but not in the exact context given in my interpretation}. A response often provide new personal information {remember, all I know is your age, gender, location and sometimes a little personal information} that provides light on a symbol or the dream motif.
Another important aspect of the follow up response is it is a learning tool for those who have a great interest in the dream. There are many who regularily visit the Dream Forum and like myself are students of the dreams and the deeper psyche. Every dream teaches us something new. By trial and error, and fortunately the errors are fewer, we learn how the dream functions. Dream psychology is a science and it is through this trial and error process that we know what works and what does not. Having studied Jungian psyche for 18+ years and having worked with dreams since 1998 I have participated in this process and have experienced the correctness of Jung's approach. The Dream Forum is a 'record' of that correct approach.

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