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Jerry {Gerard} Gifford

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The TricksterMy Archetype
The Trickster
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Jerry is the host and webmaster to Myths-Dreams-Symbols

A Word About Physical Fitness

There are two things that have helped me survive the mid-life years of transitions and change. One is my dedication to self discovery and personal growth which led to my great interest {and bliss} in Jungian psyche, and webmastering of Myths-Dreams-Symbols {the two are intricately linked}. Those aspects have already been covered in the first page of my bio. I've probably added a little too much 'philosophical' language in that narrative but I believe it provides insights to my true self, a self that is in many ways opposite of the 'couch potato' of the 70s. That didn't come about without effort, physical, spychological and spiritual.

The second is physical fitness. I have actively engaged in some form of physical fitness routine since late 1979. In the winter of 1979-80 I lost 40 lbs, dropping my weight from 200 to 160 pounds through physical exercise. Later I adopted a more disciplined diet, discovering to the keep the weight off and be properly health also involves eating right.

Some photos of me over the years


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