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Last Updated 1-15-09
Jerry is the webmaster and host to Myths-Dreams-Symbols
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General Information About Jerry {Gerard}
I am a student of the psyche. And anything that lends itself, physical, psychological and/or metaphyiscal, to the understanding of the Self, the spiritual/creative agent of the psyche which is central to my desire for personal growth. A lot of philosophical stuff but even more of everyday common sense.
I am a very open person, about myself and my life, not bothered by giving away insights to who 'I think I am' and who I have been. The whole idea behind my website Myths-Dreams-Symbols and the Dream Forum is the 'psychology', or better yet the psyche ology of each of us, and the added collectively that evolves from that, and how to better understand that unconscious world. I am not a 'mystic {although I would identify moreso with someone who is before I would someone who holds more 'traditional' views}, I believe in impirical knowledge first and foremost. But I do not dismiss 'metaphyiscal' possibilities. I consider those possibilities as natural aspects - of nature. Not something out of this world but something within each one of us,a thread that runs through everyone, if not everything. Working with dreams has helped me develop my intuitive senses, my ability to interepret dreams, something that some may see as a metaphyiscal thing. What is perceived, and sometimes conceived to satisfy personal deficiencies, is nothing more than natural aspects of the human condition.
But I do believe there are other 'hidden' natural aspects, within us, within nature, that are waiting to be discovered. That is the real interest that propels me to explore the deeper psyche.

the spiritual path is a psychologiocal journey....as is all of life

Exploring dreams, more specifically the Jungian concept, has become part of my 'bliss' ever since I first encountered Joseph Campbell and 'The Power of Myth' some 15 years ago. That sychronisitic encounter led to my engaging Jung's 'Individuation Process' and activitely working with dreams at the MDS Dream Forum. I have discovered many universal truths {counter to my Christian roots} that are available to the senses once the 'endoctrinated' barriers were removed. Buddhism and Gnosticism have been a great influence, as has Native American spiritual concepts. Buddhism for the wisdom and discipline, Gnosticism because it reconciles the Jesus I know and Native American spirituality because it connects me to the earth, the Great Mother, the feminine principle. I have more than one spiritual teacher and do not live by any one spiritual philosophy. Experience is my first guide. But it is the natural intuitive senses that have volved with my 'heroic journey' inward that are the guiding force which allows me to expand to greater heights. It all fits with who I am, not the ego-centered self but the expanded and open true Self devoted to growing personally, spiritually and creativitly.

I am devoted to the philosophies of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, and all that encompasses. While devoted it is not blinding. Mere men live and die. It is those philosophies that give 'meaning to life' that survive. My website Myths-Dreams-Symbols is a reflection of my interests, my passion, my blissand are primarily grounded in those philosophies of Jung and Campbell. It has become an outlet for my creative Self. As WebMaster I am able to create, express, and hopefully share what I have discovered from my path and journey over the past 15+ years. The understanding of dreams has been a vital tool in that search for Self.
It is an intuitive thing. I no longer subscribe to the norm of the cultural and social demands for which the ego and material worth are at the center. I strive to make the spiritual/creative life my focus, with a desire to grow personally, creatively and spiritually. By helping others understand their dreams, and thus themselves, I feel I have discovered the best avenue to give of myself, that spiritual aspect that Jung believed so important as a central part of the human psyche.

The clinical Jung, the academics of educated thought, academia as a whole are not of great interest to me. Those possibilities are in the past. It is the intuitive connection with Jung's philosophies, the natural understanding of the metaphors, the patterns and the concepts that have pierced my soul. It is this metaphysical aspect that Jung, and Campbell, expounded that has provided me with an understanding of that hidden world around me, and within me. These universal concepts are about the soul, spiritual, beyond the norm of the church and social duty. The struggle is not of faith but of discipline. It is internal, and eternal. From the studies of Jung, campbell and those many other teachers who 'know' I am more centered in my spiritual Self as I have ever been. Faith does not guide me but the deeds and discipline required to be tryly spiritual do. What good is faith without the deeds?

Furthermore , we have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god. And where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world
Joseph Campbell

I am a native, but not a typical, Nashvillian {southerner}. I am a self employed contractor {30 years}, having first worked in environmental health {local government} thru the 70's and early 80's. I am a liberal minded 'individual' who holds many conservative values, absent the conservative agenda and prejudice. As part of my endeavors to seek balance I practice psycholgical, spiritual and physical health. Physical fitness has been a part of my lifestyle for the past 30 years {do you recognize a pattern here?}. With good health habits my life has not become one of psychological and physical disabilities, and prescriptions. By seeking a ground in a spiritual life I have aquired the helping hands that are needed in insuring the balance I seek in life. Understanding my own psychology has helped uncover the Shadows that once controlled the ego life and now gives light to the spiritual Self.

I have one grown son and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Living the single life for the past 16 years I have focused my energies on my dream work and maintaining the MDS website. It is a simple life, void of much of the material worth I once lived for, and the emotional attachments that cause most of the conflicts in life. I am currently living with my sophisticated feminine felines in rural Rutherford County, Tennessee. I do plan to relocate to Florida within the next few years. My place is near the ocean, the great unconscious divide that is so attractive to my pysche.

Visitors can read and post dreams for interpretion at the Dream Forum

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